SAbER Mountain is a story teller… and we want to tell your story. By combining our knowledge and expertise in publishing with creative production, and adding a bit of effective marketing we create messaging that gets results.

We are a hybrid publisher because we uniquely blend a combination of publishing house mixed with in-house video production and graphic design to give you more than you would expect from just a publisher. We cater our services to meet the needs of our clients

Our production department includes in-house video production, graphic design and still photography. You have made it to the graphic design portion of SAbER Mountain.

Our creatives team can produce anything from TV & Radio Commercials, Direct to Web Promo Videos, Documentaries, Short Films and Motion Graphics and teaming up with Printegrity we can print just about anything you can print or draw on.

Cover Design is MORE than just a Pretty Cover

Designs must be catchy in the cover, the title, subtitles, and back cover copy.  A cover must be far more than a pretty cover.  Graphic design is an important part of it, but the title and subtitle has to speak to the prospective reader as well.  And to top that off, the back cover copy has only 8 seconds to capture the imagination of the reader.  Books ARE judged by their cover, so why just let any ol designer handle such an important task?

This is just one example of a cover designed by the author on CreateSpace.  The book lacked a title as it was using the subtitle for the title of the book and we not only went to work with a catchy name and streamlined subtitle, but also helped him spruce up the content for a better read for everyone.  Let us see what we can do for you.